Saturday, October 5, 2019

2019 Teams to Date
50% Joint&SurvivOARS
A League of Oar Own
BDBC Burning Water
BDBC Paddling Fire
BDBC Racing Wind
Big Easy
Big Tippers
Blew By You 2
Cain Mutiny
Camp Can Do Crew
CE Mud Slingers
Chix w/Stix #14
chix with stix boat 9
Cigna Dragons
Critical Crew
De Lage Landen Financial Solutions Partner
Draggin' Tail
Dragon Me Down
EZ airways
Fins and Tails
First Families
Foroige Philadelphia
Friends of Linda Creed
Gloucester County Vixens Boat I
Gloucester County Vixens Boat II
Gung Ho!
Haverford Area YMCA
Havertown Chix w/ Stix 8
Havertown Chix with Stix 10
Havertown Chix with Stix 16
Havertown Chix with Stix Boat 1
Havertown Chix with Stix Boat 12
Havertown Chix with Stix Boat 13
Havertown Chix with Stix Boat 15
Havertown Chix with Stix- Boat 4
Havertown Chix With Stix III
Havertown Chix with Stix V
Havertown Chix with Stix VI
Havertown Chix With Stix VII
Havertown Chix with Stix XI
Help Hope Live
Hot Mess Express
Hot Mess Express ChesCo
Hydra Warriors I
Hydra Warriors II
I Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie
Johns Hopkins University Dragon boat Club
JP Morgan Chasin' The Dream I
JP Morgan Chasin' The Dream II
Let it Ride
Mama Hawks
Morgan Stanley Sea Warriors
Morgan Stanley Sea Warriors II
Motor Boaters
Not Your OARdinary Runners
Not Your OARdinary Runners II
Oars R'Dragon
Pace Makers
PHLight of the Dragon
Queens of Swedes
Queens of Swedes Boat 1
Queens of Swedes Mom & Me
Red and Blue Navy
Relentless Orange Krush
REO Speed Dragon
River Sirens
Sagent Lending Technologies
Ship Storm
Shui Long
SJU Hawks Alumni Team
SKS Waverunners
Souper Dragons
Sugarhouse Sugar Dragons
Team Awaken the Dragon
The Dragon Ladies
The Flying Protons
Think, or Swim
Thunder Rowed
TMNAS Saburai
Vikings of Leisure
Villanova River Cruisers
Wenonah Winers
We're Not Draggin
Wet Beaks
Woodbury Wahines
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