Our 2021 Festival has been
postponed until further notice.

  1. Learn more about the history and present of Dragon Boat Racing.
  2. Designate your Team Captain. 
  3. The Team Captain will recruit the paddlers.  We suggest 25 participants: 20 paddlers, 1 drummer, and 4 alternates.  Each boat must have a minimum of 8 female paddlers.
  4. All captains must register their teams online for our Festival by paying the registration fee and submitting their team roster.  Registration is set to open on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 at 11 AM. 
  5. Reserve a tent(s) in our Athletes’ Village.
  6. Upon receiving an email invitation from your team captain, each team member must sign into the online registration system and electronically sign the waiver.  All team waivers must be electronically signed by the first practice.
  7. Each team must have a PIDBF qualified steersperson for pre-festival practices. Those teams which do not yet have an approved steersperson must be willing to hire a steersperson from the PIDBF steering pool. 
  8. The Team Captain will meet with the team and decide on practice times. See the Practices section for more information.
  9. For directions to the practice site, the West Side, MLK Drive and the race course, see Directions and Parking.
  10. Familiarize yourself with the race format and guidelines.
  11. Have any questions? Call Carol Lee Lindner at (610) 642-2333 or email info@philadragonboatfestival.com.
  12. Most of all… have fun!
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