Our 2021 Festival has been
postponed until further notice.

Sign Waivers 

Anyone and everyone going out onto the water for training or a practice must have anelectronically signed waiver on file before they will be allowed to get into a boat.  It is imperative that each member of your team electronically signs his or her waiver as soon as possible.  This includes your team's steersperson, drummer and alternates as well as asteersperson, drummer or coach hired by your team.  

A recent web site system upgrade allows us to continuously view whether or not teams have completed their waivers. We will review a team's roster prior to 8:00 AM each morning and those team members who have not signed their waivers by that time will not be permitted to go out for their practice. NO EXCEPTIONS.   

No hard copies will be accepted.


How to electronically sign your Waiver:

When you (a paddler, steersperson, drummer, alternate, or coach) are invited to join your team, an email is sent to you which provides information for you to electronically sign your waiver on our website.  To do this each team member should sign into the system using the PADDLER'S LOGIN tab at the top of the site and in the Team Members section each member will be able to sign their waiver and update their information as they see fit.


If you or any of your team members experience problems with this system, please file a support ticket using our online support system.


Dragon Boat Basics

The Language

Bow:  Front of boat
Stern:  Rear of boat
Port:  Left side
Starboard:   Right side
Gunwale (“gunnel”):  Side
Till or Tiller:  Steersperson
Strokes:  First paddler on both sides
Cox:  Steersperson

Entering the Boat
One person at a time, starting first with waterside person on Row 5, then his or her partner, the dockside person on Row 5.   Continue this way with Rows 6 and 7.   Then continue the same way with Rows 4, 3, 2, and 1.  Then rows 8, 9, and 10.  The drummer is next, who has probably been holding the bow line.

Rules of the Boat

1. No talking in the boat
2. Commands given by Steersperson and Drummer only

Position in the Boat

Your outside (waterside) hip forward and leg straight.  Inside foot tucked under the seat.

Paddles at Start of Race

Paddles should always be in the water.  This helps to stop the boat from moving forward on the start line and also means that the first action they take on the starting line will be to pull the boat through the water because they are in contact with the water.  If the paddles are out, especially in beginner crews, not everyone tends to “hit” the water together.

Seven Steps of a Stroke

1. Rotate:  Twist torso at waist, back to the water, chest to your partner.
2. Reach Extension:  Outside arm straight and reaching out in front.  Inside arm up and slightly bent, top hand over the gunwale.
3. Top Arm Drive:  Only after fully rotated and extended, drive down with upper arm.
4. Catch:  Blade is square and completely buried.
5. Pull:  Continue forcing paddle downward with upper arm, keep outside arm straight and strong while using large back muscles and abs to unwind…  Sit up, bringing the outside shoulder back, pulling the blade right beside the boat.
6. Exit:  Blade is at about midthigh.  Pull blade up and out of the water.
7. Recovery:  (just a fraction of a second) bend outside elbow slightly which takes you right into the beginning of the stroke.

Breathe… and relax…

Exiting the Boat

One person at a time, exit the boat by starting at the front, each paddler helping the next.   Drummer first, and he or she can hold the bow line.   Port stroke then gets out and helps his or her partner.  Proceed one row at a time, with each person offering a hand to the next.  (In cases when the back of the boat is filled with heavy paddlers, it is a good idea to start exiting from row 5, then alternating: row 6, 7, 4, 8, 3, 9, 2, 10, 1.)  The purpose of all of this is to keep the boat balanced at all times.

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