Our 2021 Festival has been
postponed until further notice.

Event Site Map
Click here to download the Event Site map.

Race Day Schedule

The Race Day will start at approximately 8:30AM and end at approximately 5PM.  This years schedule can be found by clicking here.

Arrival and Check-in Procedures

All team captains must go to the Registration tent upon arrival on the morning Race Day.  You will be given wristbands for the team members listed on your roster.  These wristbands must be worn all day.  Please ensure they are affixed to your wrist snugly so they do not come off in the water while you are racing.  No one will be permitted to race without a wristband on.

Tent Placement / Athlete's Village

The Captain is responsible for selecting his/her team's location.  For convenience, you might consider hanging your banner Friday night.  The Athletes' Village will be set-up along the river from the holding / marshaling area to beyond the finish line.


10' x 3' banner for your tent
3' x 3' Drummer's banner, to be held while passing in front of Athletes' Village after your team crosses the finish line.

If you have no one in mind to make your banner, we suggest:

AG Marketing Solutions (the Proud Designers of the Festival's website) - 610-337-8484 - info@agmsolutions.com

Marshalling Area

The Marshalling Area is located before the docks where you will be entering your boat.  Teams must be in the Marshalling Area 30 minutes before their race.

Team Shirt Contest
If your team wishes to enter the Team Shirt contest, Captains are to bring a Team Shirt to the registration tent between St. Joe's Boat House and the East Park Canoe House.  Team Shirts will be hung on a clothesline for a Committee to select the winning team.  Results will be announced before the end of our Festival.

Additional Information
Every team races three times
A professional steersperson will always be provided on race day
Each crew must have one steersperson, one drummer and 20 paddlers.  If a mixed boat, of those 20 paddlers, you must have at least 8 females, The drummer, if a woman, is not counted as one of the 8 females on the team
We suggest that you ask your team not to have anything else planned for the day other than our Festival

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