Saturday, October 7, 2017

Your team’s registration entitles you to 3 practice sessions. To schedule your practices, log in to the team management system using the account information you were provided when you registered your team which is the Captain's Login Area.  Once you are logged in, click on "Practices" in the Captain's Area Navigation.  From this page, you will select "Edit" next to Schedule Free Practices to begin.

Please proceed to select "View & Schedule your Practice Time" under each month to view available dates and times.  From here you will select  "View Available Times" under the date of interest and then select the times available to finalize your practice.

Once you you have scheduled your Practice or Practices, you will see an option from the "Practices" main page to post or update your Steerperson's information. 

Cancellation of Practices:

Cancellation of practices due to weather can be made up if a team desires to do so.  Please look at our practice schedule, and contact us at info@philadragonboatfestival.com to determine a new date and time of interest.

If a team needs to cancel a practice, they cannot be made up due to the full practice schedule leading up to our Festival.  In the event of inclement weather during a practice time, it is suggested that teams come to the practice site and make use of this time as a team by using our paddle adapters and teaching videos in Lloyd Hall.  In addition, once the practice schedule is completed, practices cannot be changed.

If a team decides to cancel its practice, the Captain must notify the STEERSPERSON COORDINATOR.  Please remember that practices canceled for any reason cannot be made up.  CANCELLATION must be made no later than 3 PM (or at least 3 hours before the practice) on the day of the practice by calling the schedulers to insure that there is no missed communication through emails.

Coordinator of Steerspersons: Robin Parker, parker_robin@yahoo.com.

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