Our 2021 Festival has been
postponed until further notice.

Remember, this is a Festival.  People have come together to learn, have a good time, and enjoy each other's company.   Always remain positive (no matter what).  Treat everyone with dignity and respect.  Stay calm.  There is a safety procedure for you to follow in case of an emergency.  It is your responsibility, and that of the steersperson, to leave the dock at the scheduled practice time and return no later than 10 minutes before the other team is to depart.  There will be no practicing in the dark.

Practice Safety, Drills, and Strategy

Seven Steps of the Dragon Boat Technique

  • Rotation
  • Reach Extension
  • Top Arm Drive
  • Catch
  • Pull
  • Exit
  • Recovery

How To Sit In The Boat

  • Outside hip forward
  • Inside hip back
  • Outside leg extended along the gunwale (inside top rail of the boat)
  • Inside foot under the seat


  • Front row paddles for 10, 2nd row joins in, etc.
  • Front half of the boat paddles for 20
  • Second half of the boat paddles for 20
  • Every other seat paddles for 20
  • Pause at the front of the stroke
  • Pause at the back of the stroke


  • 6 long hard deep strokes
  • 16 shorter faster strokes
  • Lengthen for 10
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